etc2014 in cooperation with SENSOR+TEST 3.-5.6.2014

The European Telemetry Conference etc2014 will be organized in cooperation with SENSOR+TEST in Nürnberg, Germany.

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Telemetry is an intrinsic part of test and measurement systems. The most advanced technologies used inmodern systems – civil or military, from ground to space applications. Telemetry integrates all „high-tech“ methods – starting at intelligent sensors, data acquisition, data distribution, synchronization, encryption, transmission, storage, decoding, evaluation, intelligent networking and so on.

There is no area of intelligent data acquisition and handling that cannot be found in telemetry applications!

And – all of these topics will be discussed during etc2014!

The European Telemetry and Test Conference etc2014 will be organized by The European Society of Telemetry in cooperation with SENSOR + TEST.

Besides the conference, there will be joint booth "European Telemetry Conference etc2014"
within the SENSOR+TEST exhibition area. Further information here.


Chairman of the Conference: Renaud Urli

Chairman of the Exhibition: Herb Wutz